Hi, we are Estethica.

Hello, and welcome to our very first blog! A space for women to learn more, get inspired and feel a little less alone with common or less common ‘girly things’.  So, we will be diving into all things skin, beauty, women’s health & well being and more.

A face to the name; meet the Estethica team! Pritika (left) and Shaj (right).

To start, here is a quick introduction to who we are. A complete women-owned and run beauty salon located in the heart of Birkenhead. Our mission is to empower women through beauty and feeling good in your own skin; feel empowered, be empowered. 

We do this by ensuring every client leaves feeling their most radiant, confident self. Ready to tackle all aspects of life by being comfortable in their skin. However, we understand the journey to self-love can be difficult, that’s why will be unpacking women’s health & well-being topics, opening conversations and creating a community. In order to make the journey a little easier. 

So, we encourage you to get the brows or lashes that make you feel a certain way, start a skin journey, or do whatever it is that makes you feel more empowered in your own skin.

What to expect in our upcoming blogs! We will be tackling a certain ‘theme’ every month around skin, beauty or women’s health & wellbeing. We will draw on guest interviews, themed packages, live videos and more. This April, we will be diving common skin concerns to help any suffers feel a little less alone. 

To sum up our first blog, we will leave you with the words of the incredible Michelle Obama, “there is no limit to what we women can achieve.”