Eight Common Skin 'Concerns' Unpacked: Part Two

In the last blog, we highlighted acne, visible pores, loss of elasticity and anti-ageing. In this blog we will dissect pigmentation, redness, sun damage and wrinkles; what exactly they are, what are the causes, how they look, feel and discussing easy ways to combat these concerns. By highlighting these issues we hope you can gain more knowledge about your skin, why you might be experiencing these issues, and to let you know you’re not alone, and you definitely don’t have to experience these alone! Let’s face it as a team. 


When discussing pigmentation, we are referring to a condition called melasma; the overproduction of melanin produced by the skin’s pigment cells, causing a ‘patchy’ appearance. So, what causes pigmentation? There are a few causes, mostly sun damage, sometimes perfume, a bit of genetics and it can be our hormones. So, pregnancy, oral contraception etc. Let’s talk about prevention, we have said it before and we will say it again – sunscreen, and a high SPF sunscreen.

Hot tip: some weather apps will tell you when UV rays are peaking.


This ‘redness’ is different from sunburn or blushing. This redness is either broken blood vessels or inflammatory skin conditions, most commonly Rosacea. Excessive sun damage can be a major factor in causing redness as UV rays can reach our vessels and cause them to enlarge and become more visible. It is also important to note that redness does not always equal sensitivity, there can be plenty of reasons. We highly recommend talking to a professional to discuss your personal journey with redness. 

Sun damage:

Not to repeat ourselves but three words: sun exposure and SPF. And it’s a big call, but we will say SPF is the MOST important step in your skincare routine. Sun damage is so impactful on our skin ageing, that it has its own name – photoaging. To monitor your amount of sun damage, look out for the following signs: 

  • Freckles
  • Sunspots or moles
  • Uneven skin colour
  • Increased blood vessels

And remember, SPF daily. 


Wrinkles are totally normal and are generally caused by natural facial expressions through the joys (and lows) of life! We just need to talk about how to keep our top layer flexible through nourishment and moisturisation. We want the collagen and elastin to be nice and springy to bounce back when folded – easy. So, how do we put in the ‘spring’? Sunscreen (& lots of it), wear sunglasses to stop you from squirting, throw yourself some shade – wear a hat, and our favourite, use hydrators; moisturisers or hyaluronic acid. 

That’s it! A crash course on the eight most common skin ‘concerns’, we hope you were able to learn something, confirm something and generally feel less alone if you are experiencing one (or more) of these concerns. Please contact us at any time if you want to discuss something in more detail with one of our professional beauty therapists – we would love to help.