Winter Skin Rejuvenation; The Pro Power Peel


Happy Mid Year Estethica Family!

And with mid-year, comes cold weather, hot chocolates, mulled wine and the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate our skin with winter skin treatments. So, this June, we set our focus on the Pro Power Peel! 

It is no secret that summer isn’t ideal for our skin, sun damage is one of the most common skin concerns we face. Although, there is good news; winter is the perfect opportunity to fully rejuvenate our skin, through high-intensity treatments that repair, preserve, and restore. These treatments are done in winter as they are quite intense and limited sun exposure is needed.

So, let’s get to know The Pro Power Peel! This is our special winter treatment programme that is completely catered to you and your skin. It is designed to transform your skin, tackle specific concerns and help you feel more confident. This is done through three options that target different concerns.

The three options include:

  1. Pro Clear Peel – This magic option is used to prevent breakouts. It also reduces inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scaring. Through diminishing excess oil and unclogging pores. Best served for someone who is struggling with acne, and consistent breakouts. 

  1. Ultra Bright Peel – This option helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines, while at the same time brightening dry and dull skin. We recommend this one for people struggling with confidence in their skin and those wanting to prevent ageing signs. 

  1. Advance Renewal Peel –  The renewal treatment is designed to reduce hyperpigmentation, something that many women suffer from. While at the same time minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Women wanting to prevent ageing and preserve their skin often opt for this treatment. It leaves you with a beautiful, youthful glow.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment begins with two rounds of deep cleansing that removes all excess oil from your skin. Preparing your skin to fully benefit from the treatment. After your chosen power peel, the treatment ends with a neutraliser. This makes your skin feel calm and relaxed, removing any itchiness and irritability. 

Unsure if the Pro Power Peel treatment is for you?

Please reach out at any time, we will be happy to guide you in deciding if this is the right choice for you. Your skin journey is incredibly personal and can at times be confronting. We want to help you every step of the way to start feeling more confident in your skin.